10 Best Rockies Moments: Blackmon’s encore in the City of Rock and Roll

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Credit: Ron Chenoy, USA TODAY

We continue our countdown of the Top 10 moments from the Colorado Rockies' 2017 season with a pair of clutch hits. A veteran outfielder who emerged as an MVP candidate takes our seventh spot from a blast that rocked Cleveland, while our honorable mention goes to a game-winner from a rookie hoping he could mimic the career path of that veteran.

Honorable Mention: Just Tapia It In, June 15

Walk-offs are fun. Walk-offs from rookies hoping to be a huge part of their team's future even more so. Raimel Tapia's 2017 campaign was a bit odd. Though there were times it was easy to argue he should have been, he never quite cemented himself into the starting lineup. By season's end, with Gerardo Parra and Ian Desmond finally healthy and Carlos Gonzalez finally productive, Tapia was relegated to sporadic pinch-hit appearances.

But he had a stretch from June 10-July 15 where he was arguably the Rockies' best hitter.

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