Erik Johnson tells fish tales and other stuff in “BSN 10”

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CENTENNIAL - As promised earlier, here is the introduction of "BSN 10" - a vehicle by which we all can spend a little fun time with Avalanche players and get to know them a little better and ask some different things besides "How big was that win tonight?" or "What was the key out there?"

Actually, I'm told by one of BSN's founding fathers, Ryan Koenigsberg, that there once was a "BSN 10" thing in the early days, so let's call it a re-introduction.

Thank you for your question suggestions earlier. I used a few of them, and will continue to do so for future players. I'll likely put out the bat signal for those on Twitter, so give me a follow @adater if you want to receive them.

Erik Johnson was my first choice to do one of these, partially because EJ is one hell of a nice guy, a class guy, and partially because he gives thoughtful answers to most any question you put at him. He rarely goes into rote cliche mode. The text transcript of the 10 offbeat questions is as follows, and I'll also put the audio on today's "Inside the Locker Room" page, which you no doubt already have heard about.

The philosophy behind the "audio dump" page, by the way, is this: so much of what we reporters gather, from interviews, never sees the light of day. We only take selected snippets to use as quotes. The rest goes to waste. Well, no more. Everything gets thrown into the soup now, everything gets recycled, everything gets repurposed. I think it will help all of you get a better feel for what players think and believe, and it'll give you a fuller picture that we couldn't always give you before because of various limitations.

And, you get to hear some of our, er, occasionally terrible questions, and of those around us. And maybe it'll make us ask better questions too, knowing that they'll all be replayed for you to scrutinize. Wait, is it too late to stop this project yet?

On to the talk with EJ:

You're a Minnesota guy, what's your best fishing tale? 

"I was fishing a channel in Northern Minnesota, probably when I was 15, and we were catching northern pike pretty much all afternoon, me and my buddies. We were just trolling in the channel, and I felt something on my line. I thought I had a nice northern, but I had two on, on the same hook. That was pretty cool, two pretty nice northern pike. Dinner was good."

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