In case McMahon is not the man

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Troy Babbitt, USA TODAY Sports

When Abbott and Costello asked their most famous, hilarity-inducing question all the way back in 1938, they likely weren't thinking about the 2018 Colorado Rockies. Still, the question, "Who's on first?" is an age-old one and not just because of fancy wordplay and clever ironies.

First base, as the name can suggest, is often the first place that baseball teams look to stack their offensive weaponry. For 17 years, though, Colorado didn't have to ask the question. They knew that No. 17 was on first. But now a team with expectations to compete has a series of question marks at this important position and a clear need to improve upon their offense from a year ago.

On Dec. 30, Drew Creasman laid out why we here at BSN Denver believe the Rockies don’t necessarily need to add to their lineup in order to better their 2017 production. This, however, does not mean an addition would be unwelcome.

Right now, the Rockies are pretty well set at each position other than first base. As Creasman notes, the outfield group will inherently be more productive in 2018 than they were in 2017, leaving the inexperience of Ryan McMahon and Ian Desmond at the other hot corner as the glaring void.

Except not really.

The team seems ready to rely on McMahon for a significant amount of at-bats. Whether this means giving him full reign over the position, splitting time with Desmond or an external option is yet to be seen, but the Rockies are likely out of the running for Eric Hosmer even if his eventual contract will end up being within the team’s budget.

McMahon crushed his way to a fan-voted MiLB Offensive Player of the Year award, and it appears he will be rewarded with a shot at the starting gig in 2018.

In a season where the Rockies are making a run for the National League West division title, though, having a tried-and-true veteran ready in the wings---or even a contingency plan should McMahon struggle---is not such an inappropriate notion. Here are some external options for the Rockies should they feel compelled to fill first base with a more proven option.

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