Nathan MacKinnon and the Colorado Avalanche have officially put the NHL on notice

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Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

DENVER - It's time to start paying attention again, Denver.

As Colorado sports fans have repeatedly found success elsewhere, usually in the form of the ultra-competitive Denver Broncos but most recently in the boys of summer, the once-proud Avalanche slid toward the back of the average fan's mind in the 303.

Now, with the Broncos just finishing up a five-win season instead of playing meaning football and the Denver Nuggets, a team that came in with high expectations, still scuffling along as they fight the uphill battle against their history of general irrelevance, it's time the fans begin coming back to Pepsi Center to support the coolest game on earth.

The Colorado Avalanche have pushed away the most loyal of their fans, a result of wild incompetence at all levels that culminated in a 48-point team that was shockingly, horrifyingly bad last season. That proved to be the final straw for a fan base that had been waiting and waiting for its young core to step up and prove it was a worthy successor to the greatness of the glory years.

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