Why we’re moving to subscription: A letter from BSN Broncos

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Subscription. That used to be a scary word.

Then, everyone needed a Netflix sub to properly enjoy a day off of work. Then, Spotify changed the way we consume music. Then, Amazon started delivering literally anything you want to your house in two days.

In 2017, we know exactly what we want, we know we want it high quality and we want it on demand.

That's what we're doing with our Broncos coverage at BSN Denver. We're putting high-quality, trustworthy Broncos coverage in your hand at all times with a crisp, new beautiful mobile app and a completely redesigned website.

We're going on the road with the team to every game, we're going to the combine, we're going to the Senior Bowl. Wherever the story is, we'll be there, keeping you as informed as we possibly can.

We're taking the ads off of our site because you shouldn't have to click through a minefield and slow down your device to read about your favorite team.

We're taking an even deeper dive into the technical side of things, developing our own analytics and stats that you won't be able to find anywhere else. We're grading every player after every game and aggregating those stats into an all-encompassing player profile that will give you the ability to  evaluate your favorite player any time.

We're taking you inside the locker room, making sure you never miss a single quote that we compiled in our conversations with players, giving you the ability to hear the raw audio from all of our interactions.

As we always have at BSN Denver, we are continuing to find new, creative ways to enhance the way Colorado sports fans consume their sports news. This time, as we take our game to the next level, we need your support.

We're moving to a subscription model because we truly believe it gives us the ability to better serve you, the fan, and that's what we've always been about.

We have worked so, so hard to get to this day and we promise that we will only work harder now. We really hope you'll join us.


Ryan Koenigsberg and Zac Stevens

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